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New Year’s party

New Year’s is celebrated in Sweden and in other Western countries on December 31. New Year is a holiday celebrated around the world to celebrate the beginning of a new era. There are many different New Year’s celebrations in the world, almost every month there is one or more New Years. This is because we have different cultures that do not celebrate the New Year at the same time. When the clock strikes midnight, most people take a break from their New Year’s party to launch rockets that can be seen all over the country.

A New Year’s party is celebrated and decorated extensively with balloons, New Year’s hats, tiaras and other party decorations.
When it comes to holiday parties, the New Year’s party is one of the biggest and the level is high in party decoration, food, drink and clothing during the evening. At Partyland you will find all kinds of party items that are perfect for a proper New Year’s party!

The origin of the New Year’s party

The New Year’s celebration as we know it today with grand fireworks and a big New Year’s party is quite new.
The feast itself was about the gods hearing and seeing one and it is still a tradition that remains today, although it is not celebrated for the same reason. We still set off big fireworks and have loud parties.

At Partyland you will find all the party items that are perfect for a successful New Year’s party with family and friends!