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Our core values


All our suppliers are checked and approved by Partyland’s head office and it is a matter of course for us that they must work with sustainability throughout their manufacturing process. In order to become a supplier to Partyland, it is required that all global and ethical safety regulations are followed. As a company, we place great value on sustainability because we want to protect the environment from unnecessary stress. All our latex balloons are made of natural latex and are biodegradable, latex is thus a renewable resource. Read more under the heading latex balloons about sustainability.

Bio-based product development is ongoing at our suppliers.
This means that, for example, we have phased out straws and plastic cutlery and replaced these with new products
made of paper and recyclable materials.

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Code of conduct

Partyland as a franchise chain is growing and we are constantly opening new stores in the Nordics and Europe.
Partyland’s core values ​​are the basis for how all franchisees and employees within Partyland should act.
It is also the values ​​that form the basis of our “code of conduct”.
Internal and external communication plays an important role in the value base and is a good way to achieve our goals.

We comply with all laws, rules and regulations within our industry. There is a need for ethical rules, if there are no stated rules then the interpretation is left to each individual. It is important that Partyland follows its core values ​​and guidelines to show customers and suppliers what basic values ​​we have and how we are expected to behave and act.