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Everyone likes to dress up once in a while and play with their character, especially children. Children’s imaginations are amazing and we adults should let loose and venture into the world of imagination with more masquerade parties!

Partyland has made it easy for you to find fancy dress that suits you and the theme party you are going to. We have a huge range of masquerade clothing, make-up, wigs, lenses, face masks, eye masks and special effects for bloody wounds and scars.

Our range consists of masquerade clothes for the whole family!

Masquerade clothing

Masquerade parties can of course be held all year round, but the absolute biggest time for masquerades is during Halloween.

Do you want to organize a really fun masquerade party?
Think about what you think is fun and what theme you think would be appreciated by the intended guests.
It’s never fun if several of the guests feel uncomfortable with the theme and don’t want to dress up,
so feel free to choose a theme where there are some easy costumes to choose from.

If your guests are difficult to charm and the level is low for wanting to dress up, it may be worth choosing a simpler theme
like a hat party (i.e. wear something on your head), a party with a specific color, or something similar.
A good idea is to choose a rather broad theme so that it is not too difficult for the guests to find the right outfit.
Suggestions for broad themes are e.g. 70s party, sports theme, disco theme, movie theme, animal theme,
around the world (where guests get to choose a country to be inspired by) or letter theme (all guests dress up as something that starts with the same letter as their own name).

It can also help if you set “requirements” already on the invitation regarding how dressed up you expect the guests to be.
If you expect the guests to invest one hundred percent in their costumes, then don’t forget to invest as much yourself
on suitable decorations for the party room. Decorating a themed party right is really the icing on the cake.