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Halloween is celebrated on October 31st, but many confuse Halloween with All Saints’ Day which always falls on the Saturday between October 31st and November 6th. The name Halloween comes from the English all hallows eve, “all saints’ eve”.
Halloween has grown since the 90s and is becoming increasingly popular and today it is very common to have a Halloween party. There are many children who look forward to dressing up and going out to play trick or treat, but also more and more adults are organizing Halloween parties, decorating their houses and dressing up in masquerade themes.

The origin of the Halloween party

Halloween originally comes from the holiday Samhain which was celebrated by the Celts in Ireland and Scotland. In the 1800s, the Irish brought the celebration to the United States, and it was there that the day developed, along with Guy Fawkes night among others,
into the day we celebrate today.

The origin of our modern Halloween party is a horror-filled night for the Celts, but also a celebration. They believed that the dead rose from the grave to haunt the living and find their way to the underworld. Therefore, the Celts did everything to scare the dead, by dressing up and scaring them. Among other things, they set fire to turnips which they used as lanterns to keep them at a distance. When the tradition moved to the United States, there were no turnips, so instead they started carving pumpkins and made lanterns out of them, which is common to see at a Halloween party today.

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