About Us- Partyland

About Partyland

Established 1984

Partyland is one of the world’s largest international retail chains for party accessories. In the assortment you will find hats, party horns, party decorations, plates, mugs, confetti, pinatas, helium balloons and everything in masquerade. Costumes, wigs, makeup, face masks etc. In other words, we have everything you need for a party, baptism, wedding, children’s party, baby shower or gender reveal!

Just like in the US and in other countries, Partyland is run on a franchise basis. This means that the stores are run by skilled contractors with their own responsibility over their business.

We are currently looking for new franchisees who want to open their own Partyland store in several areas in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland and the rest of Europe. If you are curious about what a franchise means and want to know more about our company and our concept then you can read more here »

Pink party background overhead view