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In addition to all our products, we also offer a range of services for both private individuals and companies.
Did you know, for example, that you can rent both helium tubes and slush machines
to make the party even more fun?

Contact your nearest Partyland store to hear what that store has to offer.


Of course we blow up the balloons for you, but if you want to do the job yourselves, we have helium tubes to rent out. A helium tube is enough for about 130 balloons if you blow them up to 28cm in diameter. We also sell disposable tubes with helium which is one tenth as much helium. The big one is for 50 balloons and the small one is fot 30 balloons. Keep in mind that the balloons don’t fly as long when you blow them up yourself. After about 6 hours, they start to fall to the floor.

Helium gas cylinder and balloon

Balloon arrangement

Opening, major events and special orders
A balloon decoration can be used at all types of parties, from small arrangements to grand events. Balloon decorations can be varied in an infinite number of ways and can easily be adjusted in size or depending
on purpose and budget. Only the imagination sets limits.

We do not take balloon orders by phone or email, but you are most welcome
to the relevant store for price information and booking!
Balloon arrangements can be picked up in the store or we make them directly on site in the case of larger assignments.
For larger events, a balloon arch or balloon column is effective and
we have the equipment to do the job for you!