Teenagers party

Here we list themes for those who feel that they have grown from Disney, but still want something fun and cool theme at their party. Visit us for more inspiration and tips.

Sweet 16

In the United States, Sweet 16 is very popular and it is becoming increasingly common to have a Sweet 16-party even in Europe.
The American version of Sweet 16 is big, expensive and with a lot of glitter and glamor! The whole school is invited to the party. At Partyland you will find a cheaper variant of Sweet 16, but that will give the birthday child an evening they will soon forget!

18 anniversary party

To become 18 year is greater in Sweden than in the United States and maybe even in europe – you finally get of age! And of course this is celebrated by everyone with noise and rockets! Our large numberballoons that can be filled with helium are very popular to buy for the 18-year party! Similarly, all decoration in which it stands 18.
Other themes we have for teenage parties are Black / White party theme, Disco and Glow Stick party. Also look at the Adult Party category to find more party inspiration, including tropical party theme and Mexican theme. It is only the imagination that sets limits to how big a party can be and what themes to go for. Mix colors and decoration to create your very own and unique party!