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Children´s party

The children’s birthday is something they look forward to all year round.
The birthday child gets to be in focus all day and get to have their very own party!

How do you decorate for a successful children’s party?

The children’s party is a perfect opportunity to make a big splash with the decorations. When the child is still small, you as a parent can take the opportunity to choose a theme you like. When the children grow up, it can be a fun project to plan the party together.
Visiting a store that offers all kinds of party decorations and making purchases together is a wonderful part of the experience itself.

Decorating for a children’s party does not have to be difficult or arduous.
By making a nice table setting with fun, sweet, or cool plates, mugs, napkins and some table decoration, you have come a long way. To make the cake more fun, you can use ice torches together with the cake candles. Shooting a confetti cannon is appreciated at most ages and a fun surprise during birthday coffee.
At the end of the party, the children often expect a bag of sweets to take home. You can make the traditional fish pond, organize a treasure hunt or hang a piñata. The piñata will be extra fun to break if you put bouncing balls together with the candy that jump out.

Some of the most classic children’s party themes in recent years are still the most popular.
Among these we find themes such as: Pirate party, football party, spiderman party, frozen party, princess party, dinosaur party, unicorn party. But there are always new trends and themes for children’s parties. In recent years, children have requested more computer games and apps as a theme for parties. There you need to be creative when arranging the party to create the right feeling, as there are not always ready-made things to buy for the themes that the children want at their party.

Children’s parties should be fun for the children and provide memories for life, while it should not be too laborious for the adults.
We always try to stay up to date on new themes and you will find everything from table setting to party hats, decorations,
cake topper and balloons in one and the same theme.