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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the day we celebrate by wooing one or more people close to us. The courtship may be to give away a gift. The most common are flowers, chocolate, a teddy bear or a Valentine’s Day card. But the trend to celebrate the holiday by giving away a balloon bouquet is growing – everyone wants to give a balloon with a personal text!


Where does Valentine’s Day come from?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide. The origin comes from the story of Saint Valentin. Saint Valentin was a priest who lived during the 2nd century. He was imprisoned when he married a couple. This was disapproved by the emperor who wanted unmarried soldiers in his army. Saint Valentine was decapitated on April 14 and left behind a card for his beloved that read “From your Valentine”. The celebration of the day is also associated with medieval history in England and France. It is claimed that birds in the Middle Ages formed pairs precisely on February 14, which has been celebrated with the young people forming pretend pairs on this day.